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Apr 12-13, 1944

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April 12 -Wednesday
Changed time another hour to-day, so are heading pretty much West. Read the book “White Mice” by Davis. Very good. Saw whale again and tonight saw what they call jelly fish. They sparkle[? illegible] in the water like a cat’s eye at night. Look like a mass of brilliant diamonds. We pass through schools of them. We are now at all times within 1 hrs time of Bombers protection in case of trouble. Feels safer anyway. War news sure was favorable, can’t get over too quick for me.

April 13 – Thursday
This started out as Thurs. but at 9:50 they announced that we had crossed the International Date Line, so the day became Friday the 14th. Cooler to-day.


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Apr 2-5, 1944

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April 2, 1944 – Sunday
Have set watches back 2 hrs. Church services at 9:00 and 10:00. Went to both of them. Damn hungry so 4 of us swiped a loaf of bread, 4 onions and 4 pickles to make sandwiches in a corner. Still no sunshine. At 9:30 P.M.: it’s storming and raining out. It is really getting rough. Am going to bed and try to sleep. Had chicken for supper. Wasn’t so bad.

April 3, 1944
Been sick all day. Pretty rough riding. No news. Feel dirty. Salt water is hell to wash with. Saw my first whale. It’s warm.

April 4, 1944 – Tuesday
Nothing new. Had 2 more shots, typhus and cholera. Thought of home all day. If only I had something to do to take my mind off these thoughts. Darling, how I wish I was with you and the boys.

April 5, 1944 – Wednesday
Time set back another 1 1/2 hr. We are getting near the equator I guess. Hotter than hell to-day and no place to go. Raining again tonight. They gave us some news of the world’s going on to-nite. We played records for an hour over sound system. Can’t get home out of my mind.

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