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Dec 5-18, 1945

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5th Wed.
Cooking tonight – 1930 – 0400. Feeling better.

7th Fri.
Work again tonight. Nothing new.

12th Wed.
Everything going swell. It is cooler and the food has been good. We crossed the date line at 1400 so tomorrow will be Wed – Dec 12 too. I forgot to mention the dream I had on the night of the 7th. It was so crazy that I wrote it down.

16th Sun.
Smooth sailing after 2 days of damn rough going. Temp yesterday 58 degrees.

17th Mon.
Happy Birthday, my darling.

18th Tues.
Had telegrams sent home – $0.25.


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August 30, 2011 at 6:19 pm

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Nov 22-27, 1945

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22- Thanksgiving
In a way this month has gone by quite fast, but individually the day are monotonously long. Today I had the kitchen shift so I am going to write down the day’s menu. Breakfast – 2 fried eggs, bacon, apricots, toast and coffee – 8:00 am. Dinner – Roast turkey, grazy, mashed potatoes, corn, creamed carrots, dressing, pears, bread and jam, cold tea – 2:30 pm. Lunch – 6:00 – Cake (I baked it), soup, bread, coffee. In every sense the meals were good and were appreciated. The day was cloudy with frequent showers.

25th Sun.
The “Marine Carp” pulled in this PM. The 155 Inf. load: Are they a happy bunch.

“Gen. Aultman” and the 124 Inf. left today.

“The Logan”, a converted Liberty, came in tonight. Ours tomorrow I hope.

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August 17, 2011 at 6:18 pm

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Sept. 6-28, 1945

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6th Thurs.
Still raining every night. No rumors.

7th Fri.
Censorship was lifted today. Rain.

11th Tues.
Nothing new on getting home. Sure am getting restless. Nice weather now.

17th Mon.
Our discharge papers went in today. Those of 35 and the 80 pointers. How long now?

20th Thurs.
Rumored that the C.O. put in for bronze stars for some of the men. How many and who gets them is still unknown.

21st Fri.
Heard today by Gen. Marshall that points will be lowered to 70 on 1-Oct and to 60 by 1-Nov. I should be leaving by the 1st.

24th Mon.
The C.P. rescinded points and now they tell me I have only 79. I am lacking 3 days of having the extra point. What luck. Played my 1st B.B. game overseas. We won 49 to 16.

25th Tues.
Orders to go to Japan came today.

28th Fri.
Washed clothes today and practiced basketball tonight. No new rumors.

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August 4, 2011 at 7:20 pm

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Aug 3-8, 1945

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August 1945

3rd Fri.
Just heard of the new point outlook and it has really knocked us for a letdown. It looks like 1946.

4th Sat.
Hot as Hell. Busy all day fixing equip.

5th Sun.
Played our 1st ball game here. Lost 11-8.

8th Wed.
Just heard of the Atomic bomb and the terrible destruction one of bombs did to Japan.

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July 19, 2011 at 8:44 pm

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July 20-31, 1945

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20th Fri
Rain all day and cold too. Bell got a Red Cross Tel. – his daughter very ill. He is trying to get home. Will he make it??

22nd Sun.
Moved to our permanent area. I am working again with Dunham. Rain.

29nd Sun.
An uneventful week. Received some mail but have been damn disgusted with everything, even with Marine. I guess the folks at home only worry if we will come home in one piece and not the things we are going thru every day. Just what are they sacrificing?

31 Tues.
The end of another month. Weill I lost one of my bets on Japans defeat. Still I feel it is very close to the finish. Received 4 nice letters. Swell weather. Reset our permanent tent and have a damn nice home. Even have a radio.

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July 18, 2011 at 6:45 pm

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July 1-7, 1945

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July 1
Rain and cold. Still eating good.

3 Tues.
Still raining and cold. Lonesome as Hell.

4 Wed.
Baked my first cake. Some 4th I’d say.

7 Sat.
Loaded our equip. on LSM – 218 and 35. Pulled out into harbor. Rained like Hell tonight. Got mail today – By Cub.

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July 12, 2011 at 10:48 pm

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May 22 – Jun 1, 1945

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22 Tues
Still sitting tight. Plenty of snipers and a lot of vehicles are being blowed upon the road.

23 Wed.
Called out this AM. Went up 16 miles, put in a 72ft. assault boat bridge. Took the 22 of us 3 1/2 hours, which isn’t bad. We were plenty scared, but nothing happened.

24 – 25 Fri.
Still working at the bridge. Guards shot a Jap at 4:30 this morning as he was walking toward the bridge.

26th Sat.
Same old story. Plenty Jap snipers.

27th Sun.
Went after Lt. Birk. Risky trip.

28th Mon.
Our bridge went out last night.

29th Tues.
Picked up all equipment. Going to camp.

30 Wed.
Left today, but got hung up on a bypass and had to spend the night by the side of the road. Rained like Hell.

31st Thurs.
Dick’s birthday. I sure miss all of them. Have covered over 100 miles and are now held up by bad roads. Camped again. More rain.

July 1st
Still here. Still raining. Driving on right side of road starting today.

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July 6, 2011 at 7:08 pm

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