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Dec 1-4, 1945

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1st Sat.
At 9:26, just after we had completed the breakfast, the order came that the Gen. Bundy was in stoves [? illegible] to be packed in 1/2 hr. and all tents down, etc. What a hilarious day. Moved to the beach at 1700. Loaded at 1936, hungry as heck. Were fed coffee, bread, fried spuds and fresh hamburgers and gravy. Bunked down in “sick bay” – nice mattress, showers, and everything.

Tie ropes called up at 0027 and left for sea at 0653. Ate good breakfast but started to get sick at noon.

3rd Mon.
Traveled 362 miles – sick as hell.

4th Tues.
Traveled 863 miles. Feeling better. Got some sea sickness pills and they sure helped. Worked in laundry and did some washing of my own. It is swell down there. Fresh apples to eat and cold.


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August 23, 2011 at 8:23 pm

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Aug 19-28, 1945

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19 Sun.
Heard the broadcast of the Jap envoys arriving at Iwo Jima.

20 Mon.
Latest rumor – we are going to Japan.

24 Fri.
Finished taking 15 penicillin shots for jungle rot. So all cleared up now.

28th Tues.
Going to have a big Ord. inspection tomorrow. I guess we will be moving somewhere. Maybe Leyte. Time will tell.

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July 27, 2011 at 6:19 pm

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Feb 16, 1945

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16th Fri.
Down at the bridge today. Met some swell American people.

George Berben Kotter – Gertrude Berken Kotter
100 Inverness Sta Ana, Manila

Fred Bock – 105 Inverness Sta Ana
Wu Lek – 105 Inverness Sta Ana

Mrs. Ann Wallace Ince – No Address
Wife of Capt. Ince – 31st Inf. Ft. Mills, Corrigidor.
Has two sons with her age 5 and 6. All of these people are in desperate need of food. Are eating dog and horse meat. Makes you sick to see the sad plight of these people in Manila.

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June 13, 2011 at 8:28 pm

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Dec 19-28, 1944

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19 Tues.
Ass is still damn sore. Beautiful day, temp 88 degrees.

Nice weather. Still no mail. Lonesome as Hell. Getting equip. ready for next invasion. Won’t be long.

22 Fri.
Nothing new. No mail. No news.

Same old story.

25 Mon.
Christmas day. On guard, some deal. Filipinos had a dance in the kitchen. It was packed. Had their own orchestra and decorations. They danced all afternoon. In the evening the orchestra played xmas carols from house to house. C-47’s (2) dropped hundreds xmas bags over Carigara for the children.

26th Tues.
Drove to Tanauan. Quite a big place and another big airport. I saw hundreds of planes.

27th Wed.
We had our 1st causality tonight when Jerry Kuegler died in the 1st Field Hosp. of Blackwater fever, an aftermath of Malaria. He was 28 years old. A big husky man.

28th Thurs.
Got that skin disease back again under my arm. This is the third time it has come back.

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Dec 12-17, 1944

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12 Tues.
25 Japs were shot last night, 300 yards down the road from our camp. They sure keep coming through. Am working nights. No mail.

13 Wed.
Wrote a long letter home. Lonesome as Hell for all of them. Would give anything to have Marine here now. I would screw her all night.

Working 16 hrs a day. Haven’t received any mail, nor written any. Morale is low. Still raining. Temp. 84 degrees. Lonesome as Hell.

17 Sun.
Marine’s birthday. I can see the nice dinner in W. Salem. Am on fts again with that same skin disease. All around my ass this time. I really am miserable.

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May 5, 2011 at 8:15 pm

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Nov 22 – Dec 2, 1944

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22 Wed.
No change. Still raining. Temp 97 degrees.

23 Thurs.
31 letters. What a happy day. Big air raid. Saw real action with the Nips really losing. No turkey or chicken. Got pictures from Australia.

24 Fri.
Wrote an article for the paper. Am on quarters with a skin disease.

25 Sat.
Another big raid. Still answering letters.

26 Sun.
Sending article to the Liberty May. Good dog fight this A.M. Three goros came – none went back. How those P-38’s can fight.

On quarters with a skin disease. Been writing letters.

30 Thurs.
Started on the fixed bridge, 12 hr. shift. Air raids all night.

1 Fri.
Tough dirty miserable day. No mail and no chance to write.

2 Sat.
Got 1 letter from Marine. Wrote her a nice letter and sent out xmas greetings. On guard, worked hard all day. Damned tired.

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Nov 10-21, 1944

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10 Fri.
Drove to Tacloban, took pictures. Bought souvenirs.

11 Sat.
Beautiful weather. Things are pretty nice now.

12 Sun.
Took things pretty easy all day. Lonesome.

13 Mon.
Down by the beach. Had air raid, 4 Jap B[ombers], Ack Ack got two. Had ringside seat. Beautiful sight.

14 Tues.
(Letter dated Oct. 30) Got 1st letter here from Marine and also Dad[? illegible]. A zero zoomed right over our area at about 100 ft., but never fired a shot. My hole didn’t seem deep enough.

15 Wed.
The rest of the boys came in tonight. But only the last days mail. Had a letter from Mother and one from Joe. Sure miss Marine’s letters.

16 Thurs.
Still no mail. Getting tiresome here.

17 Fri.
No mail. Got a good scaring. On truck again.

18 Sat.
A letter from Marine today sure seemed mighty swell. Was in a bloody mess this A.M. as personnel bombs badly injured 5 natives. The girl I held on the way to the Hosp. had her intestines in her lap. 2 of them have died.

19 Sun.
Worked all day. Fixed a tire. Muddy as Hell.

20 Mon.
Rain, rain, rain.

21 Tues.
No change. No mail.

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