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Oct 3-18, 1945

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3rd Wed.
Visited Ken and saw Danny Kaye in The Wonder Man. Sure is screwy. Ken figures on going home with the 31st. Wished to Hell we would find out something.

6th Sat.
Banged up my right elbow from a tick foul. Had it x-rayed but nothing broken. No mail. Started to load equip. today. Raining tonight.

8th Mon.
All 80 pointers and 35 and 38’s got their papers and left at 4:00 PM today on an LCI. Will go to Leyte in 18 hrs.

11th Thurs.
Ken came over tonight to say goodbye. He leaves for home tomorrow. Al came with him and we drank my beer and talked until 10:30. He sure was happy.

12th Fri.
Whoopie – we are free of our bridge equip. today. Have taken it all to Eng. Depot. I never had a more pleasant job.

Did our last work for the 506th this PM getting Pioneer Chests in tool tent. Then we cleaned up the tents and packed our belongings. At 12:38 we pulled out for 106 Engr. Said Goodbye 506. Show Dragon Seed, Katherine Hepburn.


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July 8-19, 1945

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8 Sun.
Navy was supposed to feed us, but now it is all off and we had to get our kitchen going. Then they threw 51 more men at us, so now it means a total of 91. Veretle and Soie [? illegible] sure taking a screwing on this deal. On our way to Bugoa [maybe Bugcaon?].

10 – Tues
Landed this morning and are camped about 8 miles out of Bugoa. Waiting orders.

13 Friday
Arrived at the Co. at 4:00 and it is a mighty nice feeling. Lots of mail waiting, packages too. Feel OK.

Read letters and straightened out in the tent.

15th Sun.
A nice quiet day. For supper potato salad, fresh pork chops, gravy, apple sauce, bread, cake and coffee. Raining as usual.

16th Mon.
Nice day. Fix flat tire. Cut piling [? illegible].

17th Tues.
3 letters from home – July 3,4, and 5th. Cut piling, finished at noon. No rain for a change.

18th Wed.
Leaving for Del Monte tomorrow.

19th Thurs.
Left Valencia thru MalayBalay, Del Monte and then Bugoa. Dusty as Hell. Saw the show “Patrick the Great.” Was very good.

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Mar 6-11, 1945

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6th tues.
Went to Malolos to the Padillos. Went marketing – Eggs .30 a piece, green onion .10 a stalk, tomatoes 6 for 1.00. Went swimming all P.M. Ate good food, but is hot as Hell.

7th Wed.
Saw the best stage show I have ever seen. Boy the girls were Honeys. Sure made me wish that I was home. Boy could I have given Marine a real going over.

8th Thurs.
Down at the ferry. Dead as Hell here.

9th Fri.
Down at the ferry. Only passtime we have is riding around in the boat.

10th Sat.
Nothing new. Got pictures of the fire.

11th Sun.
Went after vegetables for the company, to Gapan. Traded all over. Had a good time doing it too.

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Feb 17-28, 1945

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17th to the 28th
Was on a trip with 18 men and 9 trucks hauling a Bailey bridge for the crossing of a river at Colombo to aide in the rescue of Americans (2140) at Las Bonas. The river was fordable so the bridge wasn’t used. Saw the Americans at New Bilibid Prison near Santa Rosa. They really looked tough. They were rescued on Feb 22 and they said that all of them were to be shot on the 28th for hoisting the American flag during the past week.

Had a nice time in Santa Rosa where I met Carmen Rosales, the movie queen of the Philippines. She sang 3 songs for us, accompanied by an orchestra and she really has it. Star Dust, My Sister and I, and We Three. Five of us went to her home and were treated to chicos, bananas, and wine. The people here were the friendliest we have met. We were the first troops in Santa Rosa.

The end of another month.

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Oct 2-9, 1944

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2nd Mon.
Got 5 letters today. One was from Marine admitting she kissed an Officer at Sparta. I have forgiven her, but inside of me it will hurt for a long time to come.

3rd Tues.
Went to see Dan Kraemer tonight. Didn’t get to see W. Kessil or Orville Hanson. I guess it won’t be long now. Maybe tomorrow night or Thursday.

4th Wed.
Getting knives, machetes, and other fighting equipment. It looks like business this time.

5th Thurs.
Played ball this PM. Won again 6-0.

6th Fri.
Torrents of rain today. 44 of our boys are set to go tomorrow. We will follow shortly. All of us pretty nervous.

7th Sat.
Still torrents of rain and still waiting.

8th Sun.
Played a game of baseball. Last one for here.

9th Mon.
Loaded truck and took it to the docks. We are going on a Liberty ship, “Augustus Thomas.” Saw the show The Mask of Dimitrios. Very good. Tonight I watched the biggest loading of men, ship[? illegible], and equipment I ever saw. I got a sort of empty feeling inside. I know the push is on and we will be in it.

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Aug 28 – Sep 10, 1944

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28th Mon.
Got the letter of acceptance for Trans. Corps Officer Candidate School. Will I ever get the call or has all this been in vain?

29th Tues.
Got 6 letters from Marine. I am happy tonight.

30th Wed.
Played ball again. Won 6 to 1. Got 2 hits.

31st Thurs.
Pay day. Deposited $60.00.

Sept. 1
Fri. – Nice day. Wrote 7 letters tonight.

2 Sat.
Butch’s Birthday. Said a special prayer for him.

3 Sun.
On guard. Did washing as usual.

4th Mon.
A most beautiful night. Just the night for a little loving. Gosh I sure need it too.

5th Tues.
The boys started school today, both of them. How time does fly. I’ve got to make the most of all I gave when I get back.

6th Wed.
Looks like Germany is near the end.

7th Thurs.
Saw the show – A Guy Named Joe.

8th Fri.
Nothing new, plenty hot.

9th Sat.
Same old story, poor grub.

10th Sun.
Took some pictures today. Played ball, lost 3-1.

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Aug 9-17, 1944

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9th Wed.
I prayed for God’s help and guidance in my interview tomorrow.

10th Thurs.
Well it is over now and I do believe I might have a chance. I appeared before one board and then was called back to be interviewed by a trans. board. If I do make it I think it will be in transp. So I am still living in hopes again.

11th Fri.
Found out today that I had passed the board in transportation. So I can live in hope again. Sure is hot.

12th Sat.
Was on guard last night and today.

13 Sun.
Worked this AM. Mother’s Birthday.

14th Mon.
Hauled rations and loaded for our trip.

15th Tues.
My 11th wedding anniversary. Sure wish I could be home. I felt worse about this than any other holiday. I hope Marine liked the flowers.

16 and 17th
Back from the machine gun range. To me it wasn’t worth it. We shot up over 30,000 rounds of ammunition and took a 1000 miles out of the trucks. Some hills, ditches and mud holes were so bad we had to use winches to get out. Got a ticket from the M.P.’s for passing a truck.

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