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Apr 1-11, 1945

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April – 1945

1st Sunday
Easter – and April Fool’s Day. Packed up this AM and pulled out at 1:40 pm. I sure hated to leave. It will be tougher wherever we go. Adams and I had charge of the loading and were well complimented on the job we did. To bed at 10:30 and darn tired too. Had a shower with hot water.

2nd Mon.
Pulled away from shore this morning and we are sitting out in the bay. Food is OK so far. Manila sure looks nice from the bay. Nothing like I know it does.

3rd Tues.
New orders. Pulled out at 7:30 for Mindoro I think. Went right by Corrigador at 10:47. It sure is just a big hunk of stone.

4th Wed.
Landed on Mindoro near San Jose. Are in a nice [? illegible] area waiting orders.

5th Thurs.
Laying around all day.

6th Fri.
Alerted tonight. Hot as Hell.

Still here and still hot as Hell.

Hot as Hell. Played ball again. Received our 1st mail – 8 letters from Marine.


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Jan 26-27, 1945

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26th Fri.
Same story. Had a few drinks tonight, but it made me gasy. Four of us hooked a ride to nearest town, 3 miles (Panqui). It is all shot to hell but one of the houses had a piano in it and the G.G. had it going.

27th Sat.
Well I guess we are moving to join the rest of the company who are now at Tarlac. Maybe there will be a chance to write. Sure getting lonesome for a letter. Left at 2:00 for Tarlac. Every city we went through is burned and destroyed. Tarlac, a capital city, must have been quite a place, but is sure in ruins now. Camped along a river just outside Tarlac on the way to Manila.

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Oct 19-23, 1944

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19th Thurs.
Whole convoy stopped for 1 hr. last night (2 to 3). Don’t know what was wrong. Sun a brilliant red this AM, like a huge balloon. Navy planes doing plenty of practicing overhead. On guard tonite.

20th Fri.
This is the day – I wish the boys the best of luck.

21 Sat.
Beachhead established. Got the news from the states.

22 Sun.
Coast line in view at 5:00 AM. Navy has buoys out with red flags on them to show the lane to follow. We stood on the deck, like in a box seat and watched this amazing scene unravel before us. Battleship laid down smoke screen along the shores, so we passed thru the straits. Planes everywhere, Jap gas drums blown up by navy bomber. Bomb explosions, anti aircraft fire, machine gun fire vibrated in unison like a symphony score. At 10:00 AM all is quiet. We are in the bay. Can see Tacloban.

23 Mon.
Still in harbor. No chance to unload. Fireworks day and night. No sleep. No hits on us. Japs reinforcements are shelled by navy guns at a port 12 miles away. Strafed by bomber. Dove right over us out of low clouds. Sitting on top of our wrecker when he came. Bullets everywhere. One navy gunner wounded. No one else hurt. We were lucky.

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Oct 10-18, 1944

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10 Tues.
Duffel bags loaded. Everyone excited. One platoon stays back as rear echelon. Got a lovely letter from Marine.

11 Wed.
Still not ready. Played Pinochle all day. Got 3 nice letters.

12 Thurs.
Left Finch today, just a year ago I left for the army. About 450 men and enough ammo and high octane to blow us to kingdom come if lit. Heat is terrific. Had sandwiches and coffee for supper. There are ships everywhere.

13 Fri.
Day passed without a mishap. Feeding is fair.

14 Sat.
Anchored at Hollandia. More ships. Played 500. Sure is hell taking a crap in a through with about 50 guys watching. Hot as hell. Rain tonight.

15 Sun.
A beautiful morning. Our mission the invasion of Leyte at Tacloban. We land 48 hrs after 1st wave.

16 Mon.
D-day is the 20th. Convoy moving out at 5:00 AM. Impossible to describe the beauty of the various types and sizes of ships maneuvering for their positions. All truck machine guns were mounted to aid in air attack.

17 Tues.
On guard – 4 hr. shift. Crossed equator yesterday. We get two bars and 1 gum each day. Good food. Hot as hell.

18 Wed.
Most beautiful sunrise. Entered extreme danger zone. Played 500 all day. Burning hot all day.

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June 15-18, 1944

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15th Thurs.
Same old routine. Got 8 letters.

16th Friday
Went to dentist and got a tooth filled. Passed O.C.S. physical, but possibilities of getting any where are futile. Prepared for fall field inspection to-morrow. I wonder if it is a sign that we are going to move to the front. Wrote two letters tonight.

17th Sat.
My day off. 1st one so far, and then my whole A.M. was wasted by this inspection. Started making the airplanes for the boys. Banged up two fingers exploding a 50 Cal. Shell.

18th Sun.
Starting tomorrow we are going in to advanced combat training. It looks like will be in for it now. While down at the beach looking for shells I saw a big bomber come skimming over the water with only one motor going. You could see holes all along the fusalage[sic]. There is Hell for someone everyday. Our time will no doubt come.

[ed. note The final sentence was cut off in the image]

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Apr 26-28, 1944

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April 26 – Wednesday
Put on a show on the boat. Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck in “Balls of Fire.” Saw it before but sure got a bang out of it again. Looks like we are moving out. Left dock for the bay and anchored. Other ships are moving around and there are plenty of them. Looks like a convoy from here. Saw 2 submarines.

27 – Thurs.
Ships everywhere maneuvering into position. Transports and freighters. There are thousands of men moving in. At 3:15 we pulled anchor and we are on our way to Finschhafen. Are in damn dangerous waters now as we will be pushing within 60 miles of the Japs. Where ever you look tonight you can see the pale red, white, and blue lights of the convoy ships. I prayed for safety.

28 – Fri.
Pulled into Ora Bay, N. Guinea this AM. Are now docked in the bay. Talk about ships. They are here. Hot than[sic] hell. Had short arm[? illegible]. Played Jass all day.

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Apr 21, 1944

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April 21 – Fri. –
At 9:08 A.M.: got our first view of Milne Bay. The clouds hung menacingly around the mt. tops and it was raining. Thus we slowly pulled into port. A lot of ships here – freighters, transports and tugs and rafts. The land, or rather hills as there don’t seem to be any level land, is covered with trees and foliage. There didn’t seem to be much here, but when night came and all the lights came on it seemed quite an affair. The whole bay was light up. Quite a few of the boys are getting off here. Maybe 4 or 500. Planes of all sorts fly around. Must be an air base close by. It’s taking a long time to get where we are going and I am wondering what the folks at home are thinking not hearing from me. I keep thinking of them too, and dread the days that I know are coming. I am afraid it is going to be a long time before I get home again.

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