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Jan 2-9, 1945

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2nd, 3rd, 4th
Preparing for the invasion. Everything is a mixup as usual. There are about 12 men on rear echelon plus three in the Hospital. We have been on the beach all day (4th) waiting to leave. We have 1 Lst with just our equipment, and 1/2 of another.  I am on the latter #471-(630).

5th Friday
All loaded by 4:30 P.M. Only one meal today, breakfast. Thompson and I have our bunks on top of a truck, with a tarp overhead. This is sure a busy place and and planes galore. It sure is exciting to wonder what the next moth or so will bring. I pray God is with us. Been getting plenty mail but we are unable to write.

6th Sat.
On guard on the ship. Still in the bay.

7th Sun.
Wrote a letter to Marine. They will be mailed with the Navy. Hot as Hell. Back hurts.

8th Mon.
Pulled out at 12:40pm in a heavy overcast and rain. They surely have these things planned. Still raining tonight. Our food has been good so far. Back still aches.

9th Tues.
Still cloudy and rainy. No excitement.


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Dec 19-28, 1944

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19 Tues.
Ass is still damn sore. Beautiful day, temp 88 degrees.

Nice weather. Still no mail. Lonesome as Hell. Getting equip. ready for next invasion. Won’t be long.

22 Fri.
Nothing new. No mail. No news.

Same old story.

25 Mon.
Christmas day. On guard, some deal. Filipinos had a dance in the kitchen. It was packed. Had their own orchestra and decorations. They danced all afternoon. In the evening the orchestra played xmas carols from house to house. C-47’s (2) dropped hundreds xmas bags over Carigara for the children.

26th Tues.
Drove to Tanauan. Quite a big place and another big airport. I saw hundreds of planes.

27th Wed.
We had our 1st causality tonight when Jerry Kuegler died in the 1st Field Hosp. of Blackwater fever, an aftermath of Malaria. He was 28 years old. A big husky man.

28th Thurs.
Got that skin disease back again under my arm. This is the third time it has come back.

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May 8, 2011 at 5:55 pm

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Nov 22 – Dec 2, 1944

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22 Wed.
No change. Still raining. Temp 97 degrees.

23 Thurs.
31 letters. What a happy day. Big air raid. Saw real action with the Nips really losing. No turkey or chicken. Got pictures from Australia.

24 Fri.
Wrote an article for the paper. Am on quarters with a skin disease.

25 Sat.
Another big raid. Still answering letters.

26 Sun.
Sending article to the Liberty May. Good dog fight this A.M. Three goros came – none went back. How those P-38’s can fight.

On quarters with a skin disease. Been writing letters.

30 Thurs.
Started on the fixed bridge, 12 hr. shift. Air raids all night.

1 Fri.
Tough dirty miserable day. No mail and no chance to write.

2 Sat.
Got 1 letter from Marine. Wrote her a nice letter and sent out xmas greetings. On guard, worked hard all day. Damned tired.

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Nov 1-9, 1944

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1 Wed.
Beautiful hot day. Temp 99 degrees. P-38’s got 15 Jap planes today. They got one of our transports.

2 Thurs.
Traded for 2 chickens. Had a fry and boy was it good.

3 Fri.
Left to the front today. Thru Palo, Jaro, and up to Carigara. Fighting on 3 sides of us.

4 Sat.
Built 2 more bridges. No raids here. Plenty of Japs, but are cleaning up fast.

5 Sun.
Worked on jeep most of the day. Am on guard tonite. found 30 Japs with machine guns and rifles dug in holes covered in grass and bushes. Saw eliminated, 102 degrees.

6 Mon.
One day of leisure. Wrote a long letter home. Damn lonesome.

7 Tues.
Sent the lyric “When the Moon Shines Our New Grave” to Kate Smith. The boys got a kick out of that. Went after 2 Japs tonight, but they got away from us.

8 Wed.
Rain and cold. Wrote a long letter home. No mail.

9 Thurs.
Had a hell of a typhoon last night. Damn near blew everything down. Still no mail. It is getting disgusting. Still raining today. Took a pail bath. Feel good.

[Ed. Note – For a broader view of what’s happening, see the Battle of Leyte.]

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Oct 25-26, 1944

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25 Wed.
No sleep. Co. built first portion bridge under fire in the S.W.P.A. across river at Palo. Still bombing and strafing. Got another ship and one of our gas dumps. Back hurts.

26 Thurs.
Conditions same. Moved up to front lines. In fox holes. Snipers all over. Even been sneaking up and stabbing men in their fox holes. Sure is hell. One of the jeep drivers nerves went to Hell. He is the second one so far in our Co. I got his job. Three of us went after sniper. We got him with our tommy guns. Sleep in muddy fox hole tonight.

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May 9-10, 1944

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9th Tuesday
Took a hike. Went on patrol through the jungle for about 10 miles. Sure evidence of plenty fighting. Didn’t find any Japs though. The first boys here surely went through hell. Plum[sic] tired out when I got back. There were four of us. Lt. Birk, Lt. Radcliff, Dansig and myself. Hung blankets on the line for an airing. Plenty hot. Looks like rain again tonite. There is a steady stream of planes going overhead. All types, fighters, bombers and transports. Even Cubs [? illegible].

10th Wed –
Rained all last night and this AM. Didn’t do a thing all day. Flies are bothersome and time monotonous.

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February 17, 2011 at 7:48 pm

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