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July 1-7, 1945

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July 1
Rain and cold. Still eating good.

3 Tues.
Still raining and cold. Lonesome as Hell.

4 Wed.
Baked my first cake. Some 4th I’d say.

7 Sat.
Loaded our equip. on LSM – 218 and 35. Pulled out into harbor. Rained like Hell tonight. Got mail today – By Cub.


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July 12, 2011 at 10:48 pm

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June 19-30, 1945

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19th Tues.
The boys are still shuttling trailers.

20th Wed.
Set up a kitchen and I am one of the chief cooks. Busy all day.

21st Thurs.
Fresh steaks today and fresh bred too. Will be getting fat.

22nd Fri.
Fresh butter. Best grub for a long time. Got some beer from the Navy too. Sure am lonesome for a letter from home.

27th Wed.
Drew rations up to July 15. Lt. Birk brought back a bunch of mail. Received my C.A.P. bracelet. Rainy and hot.

30th Sat.
The last of another month. Still taking it easy and eating good.

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July 10, 2011 at 9:37 pm

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June 3-18, 1945

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2nd Sat.
Sick with chills and fever. My back is bothering again too.

3rd Sun.
Changed water pumps on the jeeps. Feel good.

4th Mon.
Rained again. Played cards all day.

5th Tues.
Left for Parang to get mail. Slept with Beaver and the boys at Pon. Bridge.

6th Wed.
Back today with mail for everyone. Got a roll of film. Pulled guard tonight.

7th Thurs.
Saw the show, “Naughty but nice.”

8th Fri.
Hot day. Fresh pork chops for dinner.

9th Sat.
Left the Mts. for the river, where we have the bridge. Made camp by the far shore.

Part of the bridge went out (a 400′ span) and we are salvaging the remains. Eating rations.

13th Wed.
Started to load boats etc. Muddy as Hell. Sure am lonesome and homesick.

Left Kabaccan for Libungan. Stayed overnight with Beaver and the boys.

17th Sun.
Left for Parang. Good weather. Fair roads. Went into a nice area.

18th Mon.
Went to Q.M. for rations. Got 10 day B-rations for 40 men. The shower was swell.

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July 7, 2011 at 8:20 pm

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Jan 26-27, 1945

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26th Fri.
Same story. Had a few drinks tonight, but it made me gasy. Four of us hooked a ride to nearest town, 3 miles (Panqui). It is all shot to hell but one of the houses had a piano in it and the G.G. had it going.

27th Sat.
Well I guess we are moving to join the rest of the company who are now at Tarlac. Maybe there will be a chance to write. Sure getting lonesome for a letter. Left at 2:00 for Tarlac. Every city we went through is burned and destroyed. Tarlac, a capital city, must have been quite a place, but is sure in ruins now. Camped along a river just outside Tarlac on the way to Manila.

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June 2, 2011 at 10:07 pm

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Jan 17-23, 1945

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17th Wed.
We are at Calasiao. The towns we have come through are San Fabian, San Jacinto, Mangaldan, and Santa Barbara. Went after a Bailey bridge.

18th Thurs.
Sent up the bridge today. Hard work.

19th Fri.
Left at 4:30 AM to build a pontoon bridge right on the front. I thought we were to have it easy. Caught up to the infantry about 4 miles from the place we were to build the bridge. Well, they hadn’t taken it yet. Laid there all day waiting for the town to be taken. Moved back for the night.

20th Sat.
Got up at 1:00 AM and started for the bridge site (Agno River). It was at Villasis where the largest bridge in Luzon was bombed out (about 1/2 mile). The fighting was going on about 150 yards to our left. Pretty hot for awhile. Built 400 ft. of bridge (2 spans). Damn hard days. Got in at 5:30. Sure am tired.

21st Sun.
Rested all day. Wrote home. Lonesome as Hell.

22nd Mon.
Still laying around. Beautiful weather.

23rd Tues.
On the way again and on the road to Manila. We are to build a bridge (RR) where the Japs blew up a span. Hot as Hell today, 105 degrees.

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May 30, 2011 at 7:30 pm

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Dec 19-28, 1944

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19 Tues.
Ass is still damn sore. Beautiful day, temp 88 degrees.

Nice weather. Still no mail. Lonesome as Hell. Getting equip. ready for next invasion. Won’t be long.

22 Fri.
Nothing new. No mail. No news.

Same old story.

25 Mon.
Christmas day. On guard, some deal. Filipinos had a dance in the kitchen. It was packed. Had their own orchestra and decorations. They danced all afternoon. In the evening the orchestra played xmas carols from house to house. C-47’s (2) dropped hundreds xmas bags over Carigara for the children.

26th Tues.
Drove to Tanauan. Quite a big place and another big airport. I saw hundreds of planes.

27th Wed.
We had our 1st causality tonight when Jerry Kuegler died in the 1st Field Hosp. of Blackwater fever, an aftermath of Malaria. He was 28 years old. A big husky man.

28th Thurs.
Got that skin disease back again under my arm. This is the third time it has come back.

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Dec 18, 1944

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18 Mon.
On guard. Still no mail. Damn disgusted. Sure lonesome for Marine and the boys. How I love them. Natives are playing and planting their rice fields.

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May 7, 2011 at 6:51 pm

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