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Dec 1-4, 1945

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1st Sat.
At 9:26, just after we had completed the breakfast, the order came that the Gen. Bundy was in stoves [? illegible] to be packed in 1/2 hr. and all tents down, etc. What a hilarious day. Moved to the beach at 1700. Loaded at 1936, hungry as heck. Were fed coffee, bread, fried spuds and fresh hamburgers and gravy. Bunked down in “sick bay” – nice mattress, showers, and everything.

Tie ropes called up at 0027 and left for sea at 0653. Ate good breakfast but started to get sick at noon.

3rd Mon.
Traveled 362 miles – sick as hell.

4th Tues.
Traveled 863 miles. Feeling better. Got some sea sickness pills and they sure helped. Worked in laundry and did some washing of my own. It is swell down there. Fresh apples to eat and cold.


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August 23, 2011 at 8:23 pm

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Oct 3-18, 1945

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3rd Wed.
Visited Ken and saw Danny Kaye in The Wonder Man. Sure is screwy. Ken figures on going home with the 31st. Wished to Hell we would find out something.

6th Sat.
Banged up my right elbow from a tick foul. Had it x-rayed but nothing broken. No mail. Started to load equip. today. Raining tonight.

8th Mon.
All 80 pointers and 35 and 38’s got their papers and left at 4:00 PM today on an LCI. Will go to Leyte in 18 hrs.

11th Thurs.
Ken came over tonight to say goodbye. He leaves for home tomorrow. Al came with him and we drank my beer and talked until 10:30. He sure was happy.

12th Fri.
Whoopie – we are free of our bridge equip. today. Have taken it all to Eng. Depot. I never had a more pleasant job.

Did our last work for the 506th this PM getting Pioneer Chests in tool tent. Then we cleaned up the tents and packed our belongings. At 12:38 we pulled out for 106 Engr. Said Goodbye 506. Show Dragon Seed, Katherine Hepburn.

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August 9, 2011 at 7:15 pm

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July 8-19, 1945

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8 Sun.
Navy was supposed to feed us, but now it is all off and we had to get our kitchen going. Then they threw 51 more men at us, so now it means a total of 91. Veretle and Soie [? illegible] sure taking a screwing on this deal. On our way to Bugoa [maybe Bugcaon?].

10 – Tues
Landed this morning and are camped about 8 miles out of Bugoa. Waiting orders.

13 Friday
Arrived at the Co. at 4:00 and it is a mighty nice feeling. Lots of mail waiting, packages too. Feel OK.

Read letters and straightened out in the tent.

15th Sun.
A nice quiet day. For supper potato salad, fresh pork chops, gravy, apple sauce, bread, cake and coffee. Raining as usual.

16th Mon.
Nice day. Fix flat tire. Cut piling [? illegible].

17th Tues.
3 letters from home – July 3,4, and 5th. Cut piling, finished at noon. No rain for a change.

18th Wed.
Leaving for Del Monte tomorrow.

19th Thurs.
Left Valencia thru MalayBalay, Del Monte and then Bugoa. Dusty as Hell. Saw the show “Patrick the Great.” Was very good.

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May 9-21, 1945

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8th – 9th – 10th
Brought mail up to us. Got a nice bunch of letters. Will off [? illegible] to answer them. It is getting damn tiresome up here.

11th – 12th – 13th
Still at the ferry and still getting shelled. It is a damnable life. No chance to write. Work from dawn until dusk.

14 – 15 – 16th
Still at the ferry. No mail. The bridge is to be finished tonight.

17th Thurs.
The same old story. No operation.

18 – 19th
Fixing equip. Been busy all day.

20th Sun.
Loaded up this morning and left right after dinner for the front lines which are about 6 miles north of Davoa. Slept with my clothes in a fox hole. Rained all night. My back sure hurt all night and that is no fun. No excitement from the Japs.

21 – Mon.
Some Japs crawled up on us last night. The guards shot the hell out of one, but they only found hunks of his hide laying there this morning. He must have had buddies who dragged him away.

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July 2, 2011 at 5:58 pm

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Apr 28, 1945

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28th Sat.
Landed at 8:30 AM. Three trucks and trailers (with 1/2 boats, motors, and ramps) left at 10:30 for Digos and the front line. Over 100 miles of the roughest and dirtiest trip ever. Tipped over trailers 3 times, arrived at 3rd Eng. Hdqs. at 10:30 PM. We had docked at Parang Auchauge [? could not locate].

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June 25, 2011 at 12:39 pm

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Apr 1-11, 1945

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April – 1945

1st Sunday
Easter – and April Fool’s Day. Packed up this AM and pulled out at 1:40 pm. I sure hated to leave. It will be tougher wherever we go. Adams and I had charge of the loading and were well complimented on the job we did. To bed at 10:30 and darn tired too. Had a shower with hot water.

2nd Mon.
Pulled away from shore this morning and we are sitting out in the bay. Food is OK so far. Manila sure looks nice from the bay. Nothing like I know it does.

3rd Tues.
New orders. Pulled out at 7:30 for Mindoro I think. Went right by Corrigador at 10:47. It sure is just a big hunk of stone.

4th Wed.
Landed on Mindoro near San Jose. Are in a nice [? illegible] area waiting orders.

5th Thurs.
Laying around all day.

6th Fri.
Alerted tonight. Hot as Hell.

Still here and still hot as Hell.

Hot as Hell. Played ball again. Received our 1st mail – 8 letters from Marine.

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June 22, 2011 at 7:34 pm

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Mar 1-5, 1945

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Mar 1-4th
Been laying around catching up on my letter writing. Wrote another article for the paper. Hot as Hell.

5th Mon.
Got my 1st 3 day pass. Went with Arthur Verville to Manilla and slummed all around the city. Purchased [? illegible] an Elgin Pocket watch for some canned goods and 50 pesos (15 pounds). Met a bunch of other boys and got pretty well stewed up. A few places are opening up but prices are high – Egg sandwich and coffee 2.30, 1 shot of whiskey with orange juice 1.50, chop suey 5.00. Whiskey 20.00 per qt. In camp at 4.30.

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June 19, 2011 at 10:01 am

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