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June 3-18, 1945

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2nd Sat.
Sick with chills and fever. My back is bothering again too.

3rd Sun.
Changed water pumps on the jeeps. Feel good.

4th Mon.
Rained again. Played cards all day.

5th Tues.
Left for Parang to get mail. Slept with Beaver and the boys at Pon. Bridge.

6th Wed.
Back today with mail for everyone. Got a roll of film. Pulled guard tonight.

7th Thurs.
Saw the show, “Naughty but nice.”

8th Fri.
Hot day. Fresh pork chops for dinner.

9th Sat.
Left the Mts. for the river, where we have the bridge. Made camp by the far shore.

Part of the bridge went out (a 400′ span) and we are salvaging the remains. Eating rations.

13th Wed.
Started to load boats etc. Muddy as Hell. Sure am lonesome and homesick.

Left Kabaccan for Libungan. Stayed overnight with Beaver and the boys.

17th Sun.
Left for Parang. Good weather. Fair roads. Went into a nice area.

18th Mon.
Went to Q.M. for rations. Got 10 day B-rations for 40 men. The shower was swell.


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May 22 – Jun 1, 1945

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22 Tues
Still sitting tight. Plenty of snipers and a lot of vehicles are being blowed upon the road.

23 Wed.
Called out this AM. Went up 16 miles, put in a 72ft. assault boat bridge. Took the 22 of us 3 1/2 hours, which isn’t bad. We were plenty scared, but nothing happened.

24 – 25 Fri.
Still working at the bridge. Guards shot a Jap at 4:30 this morning as he was walking toward the bridge.

26th Sat.
Same old story. Plenty Jap snipers.

27th Sun.
Went after Lt. Birk. Risky trip.

28th Mon.
Our bridge went out last night.

29th Tues.
Picked up all equipment. Going to camp.

30 Wed.
Left today, but got hung up on a bypass and had to spend the night by the side of the road. Rained like Hell.

31st Thurs.
Dick’s birthday. I sure miss all of them. Have covered over 100 miles and are now held up by bad roads. Camped again. More rain.

July 1st
Still here. Still raining. Driving on right side of road starting today.

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May 9-21, 1945

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8th – 9th – 10th
Brought mail up to us. Got a nice bunch of letters. Will off [? illegible] to answer them. It is getting damn tiresome up here.

11th – 12th – 13th
Still at the ferry and still getting shelled. It is a damnable life. No chance to write. Work from dawn until dusk.

14 – 15 – 16th
Still at the ferry. No mail. The bridge is to be finished tonight.

17th Thurs.
The same old story. No operation.

18 – 19th
Fixing equip. Been busy all day.

20th Sun.
Loaded up this morning and left right after dinner for the front lines which are about 6 miles north of Davoa. Slept with my clothes in a fox hole. Rained all night. My back sure hurt all night and that is no fun. No excitement from the Japs.

21 – Mon.
Some Japs crawled up on us last night. The guards shot the hell out of one, but they only found hunks of his hide laying there this morning. He must have had buddies who dragged him away.

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May 1-8, 1945

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May 1945

Still waiting in Santa Cruz. Hot as Hell. 90-100 degrees.

2nd Wed.
Still waiting in Santa Cruz. Hot as Hell.

3rd Thurs.
Joined the boys, who were ferrying on the Davao river. 506 does it again on the L.E.

4th Fri.
Brought some letter to us at the front. Still ferrying. Fired on us again today. Sure is hot and miserable. Sure glad for the letters.

5th Sat.
Japs attached perimeter. No damage. Germany is done.

6th Sun.
Still under artillery fire. Tough going.

7th Mon.
Still on the Davao River. Sure raise hell with us every night. Feel OK. Sure would like to be settled down and away from this all night noise.

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Apr 29-30, 1945

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29th Sun.
On the way again to Santa Cruz. Took a sounding of bay for LCM Landing. Right with infantry.

30th Mon.
On to Daliao. Brought Lt. Birk back to hosp. at Santa Cruz. Malaria. Bunking by myself on the beach. To dangerous to go back alone. Country looks like Leyte and New Guinea. Rugged as Hell.

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Feb 11-15, 1945

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11th Sun.
Back in camp today. Still feel pretty shaky. Met the Carlos Vander Tolosa, movie producer in the Philippines. Knows the Padillo family really well. He is the first white man I have met here.

12th and 13th
On an emergency ferry job again. Our bridge was blown out by Jap artillery and another company put up a new bridge. We made our rafts and stood by in case this one would be blown out too.

14th Wed.
Back in camp again. Feel so damn tired. Wrote a letter home. Japs still filtering through and units all around us are having trouble with them. They are being killed off as fast as they show up.

15th Thurs.
Went down to the Padillos tonite. Pollack, Rangar, Lt. Birk and myself. Sure had a nice feed [? illegible]. Fried eggplant, tomatoes, fish, comoties [wild sweet potatoes?] and bananas. The women feed the men. Some deal. Received 12 letters today.

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Feb 7-10, 1945

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On the road to Manila and then the heart of the city. Ferried infantry across the Pasig River at the Presidential Palace. We went through the worst Hell of all on this job and there were many wounded (9) during these days. I run one raft continually from dawn to dusk and was under machine gun, rifle, artillery, and mortar fire. Various officers complimented[? illegible]  me on the job I did in the face of all this fire. My own officer said that I did the outstanding job of the whole Co.

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June 8, 2011 at 8:56 pm

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