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Nov 7-11, 1945

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Nov 7 – Wed.
Went back in the kitchen to help out. Greek, Becker and myself. Had ice cream for supper – was that a treat. Target date – 15th.

8th Thurs.
Was told that I had received the Bronze Star.

11th Sun.
Ships taking 31st. At Taloma (Davao) – Imperial (15), Charles Carrol (18), Kota Agoeng (20). At AgusanGen. Aultman (19), Marine Carp (22), Gen. Howze (25), Goodhue (28), Lubock (29).


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Sept. 6-28, 1945

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6th Thurs.
Still raining every night. No rumors.

7th Fri.
Censorship was lifted today. Rain.

11th Tues.
Nothing new on getting home. Sure am getting restless. Nice weather now.

17th Mon.
Our discharge papers went in today. Those of 35 and the 80 pointers. How long now?

20th Thurs.
Rumored that the C.O. put in for bronze stars for some of the men. How many and who gets them is still unknown.

21st Fri.
Heard today by Gen. Marshall that points will be lowered to 70 on 1-Oct and to 60 by 1-Nov. I should be leaving by the 1st.

24th Mon.
The C.P. rescinded points and now they tell me I have only 79. I am lacking 3 days of having the extra point. What luck. Played my 1st B.B. game overseas. We won 49 to 16.

25th Tues.
Orders to go to Japan came today.

28th Fri.
Washed clothes today and practiced basketball tonight. No new rumors.

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August 4, 2011 at 7:20 pm

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Aug 31, 1945

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31 Fri.
The end of another month. The days seem longer than ever before. Tomorrow I take over the 3rd squad and maybe a Sgt.’s rating. Still watching how I stand in regard to going home. At present it looks like I shall see Japan before I get home. Elmer and I visited Kenneth yesterday and stayed for supper. Took pictures and had a nice visit. He envied our going to Japan.

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August 1, 2011 at 6:56 pm

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Feb 1-4, 1945

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Feb 1 -Thurs.
Was made a Corporal today and am platoon dispatcher and in charge of all trucks. I got new first mail. It has been a happy day.

2nd Fri.
Learned of the fire tonight and this was as unhappy day as yesterday was happy. I hardly know what to do. It first doesn’t seem true. Marine surely is a brave and wonderful woman to take things as she has.

3rd Sat.
Been writing letters most of the day today straighting out this mess. I am going to try to see if I can’t get home.

4th Sun.
Beautiful day. Got notice to move and worked all night to get convoy ready.

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June 5, 2011 at 8:29 pm

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Aug 9-17, 1944

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9th Wed.
I prayed for God’s help and guidance in my interview tomorrow.

10th Thurs.
Well it is over now and I do believe I might have a chance. I appeared before one board and then was called back to be interviewed by a trans. board. If I do make it I think it will be in transp. So I am still living in hopes again.

11th Fri.
Found out today that I had passed the board in transportation. So I can live in hope again. Sure is hot.

12th Sat.
Was on guard last night and today.

13 Sun.
Worked this AM. Mother’s Birthday.

14th Mon.
Hauled rations and loaded for our trip.

15th Tues.
My 11th wedding anniversary. Sure wish I could be home. I felt worse about this than any other holiday. I hope Marine liked the flowers.

16 and 17th
Back from the machine gun range. To me it wasn’t worth it. We shot up over 30,000 rounds of ammunition and took a 1000 miles out of the trucks. Some hills, ditches and mud holes were so bad we had to use winches to get out. Got a ticket from the M.P.’s for passing a truck.

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April 10, 2011 at 9:54 pm

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July 31 – Aug 8

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31st Mon.
Pay day – Put 15.00 in soldiers Saving.


1st Tues.
On guard again. Still raining. Wrote 2 letters.

2nd Wed.
Still raining. Still hopes today for an OCS interview. Wish it would get over one way or other.

3rd Thurs.
Same old shit. Rain, rain, and more rain.

5th Sat.
Same as always. Plenty rain.

6th Sun.
Started on new job today driving the ration truck. Will be done most days by noon and think it will be easier then on the carpenter crew. At least a change will seem good.

7th Mon.
Hauled rations in the A.M. and rock in P.M. Nothing to do but drive. I like it all right so far, seems funny though to drive on left side of road.

8th Tues.
Got word today that I am to go with Chuck Farmen before the OCS board on Thurs. I pray that I can make the grade and know the proper answers.

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July 24-30, 1944

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24th Mon.
Still raining. Put out my request to transfer to the Air Service Area Command. If things go as they have been for me, I won’t get anything out of this either. Got Marine’s package, woolen slippers and swimming trunks. Also sent in my ballot for the primary.

25th Tues.
Sun out today, but rain again tonight. No news. Getting ready to go to the front. Wonder where we will land.

26th Wed.
Hot as hell today. My day off. Made a plane for James [? illegible] and worked on my wings.

27th Thurs.
Sat for 2 hrs. tonight and had my portrait (pencil drawing) drwan by Gray. He did a perfect job to. Everyone said it was a perfect likeness. I paid him 1 pound.

28th Fri.
Hot as Hell. Sure was a long day to me.

29th Sat.
Same routine, poor chow, low spirits.

30th Sun.
Talked to Lt. Col. Paul of the 4th ASAC and got his word for a request of transfer. I had to write him a letter of reasons and qual’s [? illegible]. I gave it to him today. So at last I had succeed in the first step.

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April 7, 2011 at 10:36 pm

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