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June 3-18, 1945

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2nd Sat.
Sick with chills and fever. My back is bothering again too.

3rd Sun.
Changed water pumps on the jeeps. Feel good.

4th Mon.
Rained again. Played cards all day.

5th Tues.
Left for Parang to get mail. Slept with Beaver and the boys at Pon. Bridge.

6th Wed.
Back today with mail for everyone. Got a roll of film. Pulled guard tonight.

7th Thurs.
Saw the show, “Naughty but nice.”

8th Fri.
Hot day. Fresh pork chops for dinner.

9th Sat.
Left the Mts. for the river, where we have the bridge. Made camp by the far shore.

Part of the bridge went out (a 400′ span) and we are salvaging the remains. Eating rations.

13th Wed.
Started to load boats etc. Muddy as Hell. Sure am lonesome and homesick.

Left Kabaccan for Libungan. Stayed overnight with Beaver and the boys.

17th Sun.
Left for Parang. Good weather. Fair roads. Went into a nice area.

18th Mon.
Went to Q.M. for rations. Got 10 day B-rations for 40 men. The shower was swell.


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Apr 12-27, 1945

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12th Thurs.
Pres. Roosevelt died today. Sprained my ankle playing ball.

13th Fri.
Had my ankle xrayed, but there is nothing wrong but a sprain.

Got a few more letters from Marine. Sure seems nice to hear from her again.

16th Mon.
Played cards all day. Lost 28 pesos.

Getting damn monotonous waiting.

Just waiting. No news, except good mail service (10 days).

Still waiting. Had fresh meat.

24th Tues.
Started to load on LST #593 at 4:15. Done at 4:20. Hot and tired tonight.

On the way today. Sure having swell food. Baked spuds, steaks, hamburgers, and good coffee. We are using navy bunks.

26th Thurs.
Finest trip. Steaks, ice cream.

27th Fri.
Fresh potatoes, ice cold coca-cola.

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June 23, 2011 at 7:13 pm

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Mar 12-31, 1945

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12th Mon.
Went to White Beach for additional bridge equip. Looks like a preparation.

13th Tues.
Cleaned up, slept an wrote a letter.

Nothing new. Hot as Hell.

16th Fri.
Went after vegetables again. Had good luck.

17th Sat.
Laid around all day.

18th Sun.
A few showers of rain. Slept – played pinochle.

Nothing new. Damn hot.

22nd Thurs.
1st air raid I’ve been in while on Luzon was tonight. Got three letters.

Nothing new – nothing to do.

Nothing new. Still laying around waiting. Got a hell of a letter from Marine today and was never so close to calling it quits. I have about given and don’t give a damn what happens.

30 Fri.
Feel low. Same old crap.

31st Sat.
Our last day here. We’ll load out tomorrow on 3 LST’s. Got paid this PM for two months – Jan. and Feb. Made a nice deposit again. It sure counts up. Another month gone by and every day is a day closer to home.

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June 21, 2011 at 7:44 pm

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Oct 10-18, 1944

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10 Tues.
Duffel bags loaded. Everyone excited. One platoon stays back as rear echelon. Got a lovely letter from Marine.

11 Wed.
Still not ready. Played Pinochle all day. Got 3 nice letters.

12 Thurs.
Left Finch today, just a year ago I left for the army. About 450 men and enough ammo and high octane to blow us to kingdom come if lit. Heat is terrific. Had sandwiches and coffee for supper. There are ships everywhere.

13 Fri.
Day passed without a mishap. Feeding is fair.

14 Sat.
Anchored at Hollandia. More ships. Played 500. Sure is hell taking a crap in a through with about 50 guys watching. Hot as hell. Rain tonight.

15 Sun.
A beautiful morning. Our mission the invasion of Leyte at Tacloban. We land 48 hrs after 1st wave.

16 Mon.
D-day is the 20th. Convoy moving out at 5:00 AM. Impossible to describe the beauty of the various types and sizes of ships maneuvering for their positions. All truck machine guns were mounted to aid in air attack.

17 Tues.
On guard – 4 hr. shift. Crossed equator yesterday. We get two bars and 1 gum each day. Good food. Hot as hell.

18 Wed.
Most beautiful sunrise. Entered extreme danger zone. Played 500 all day. Burning hot all day.

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June 9-13, 1944

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9 – Fri.
Bad news today. My O.C.S. exceptance[sic] papers came back to-day and now I will have to go through the whole thing again over here. Sure glad I didn’t mention anything in my letters home. I have about given up hope.

10 – Sat.
Regular routine. Started to make a string of shells for a neckalce. No rain.

11 – Sun.
Took my physical for O.C.S. and passed in everything. Well that’s that.

12 – Mon.
Got 2 nice letters and some swell pictures from home. It made me so damn homesick. I couldn’t seem to do anything the rest of the afternoon. I wrote 2 long letters, one to the folks and one to Marine. How I wish I was home.

13 Tues.
Should have gone to the dentist but didn’t make it. Got a couple of cavities. Worked as usual. Got a letter from Marine’s folks. No luck in cards tonite.

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June 1-4, 1944

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June 1st
More rain to-day and to-night, this area won’t be quite as muddy as the other as the previous camp here had put in quite a little coral. Played pinochle and won three games. We really have a good time playing cards. We don’t play for money. Got a letter from Dick and Butch. Also one from Hilbert Sregley.

2nd Friday
Nice day to work. I am making myself an easy chair similar [? illegible] to a lawn chair. It is about half done.

3rd Saturday
Sent the lyric “Dear One, I Pray” to Tommy Van Wagnes, in Sydney, Australia. It was by suggestion of Yanks Down Under. Got nine letters to-day. Banner day I call it.

4th Sunday
Eight letters again today. Sure feels good. Besides that my O and S [? illegible] came through from Texas. Don’t know how long I’ll have to wait now. At least there is a little hope again. I pray that is is soon.

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March 13, 2011 at 11:35 pm

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May 29, 1944

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29th Mon. –
Rain and more rain. Worked all day in the mess. Played pinochle tonite. Got a letter from Gloria and from Marine.

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