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Dec 19, 1945

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19th Wed.
The Great Day – 1st saw lights from good old USA at 0612. Weather sure is cold. The Golden Gate in the fog at 0900. A welcome ship, music, and American gals. Just looking at them was a treat for sore eyes. Looks like we are here for some time. W. Coast guys got off. I am sure they will enjoy their xmas. Received a partial pay of $10 and got a pass. Dunham, Bell, and I – Came in at 1:00 really plastered. No women, strictly on the level. Just being back is such a treat.


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August 30, 2011 at 6:24 pm

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Feb 17-28, 1945

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17th to the 28th
Was on a trip with 18 men and 9 trucks hauling a Bailey bridge for the crossing of a river at Colombo to aide in the rescue of Americans (2140) at Las Bonas. The river was fordable so the bridge wasn’t used. Saw the Americans at New Bilibid Prison near Santa Rosa. They really looked tough. They were rescued on Feb 22 and they said that all of them were to be shot on the 28th for hoisting the American flag during the past week.

Had a nice time in Santa Rosa where I met Carmen Rosales, the movie queen of the Philippines. She sang 3 songs for us, accompanied by an orchestra and she really has it. Star Dust, My Sister and I, and We Three. Five of us went to her home and were treated to chicos, bananas, and wine. The people here were the friendliest we have met. We were the first troops in Santa Rosa.

The end of another month.

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June 16, 2011 at 6:58 pm

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Feb 16, 1945

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16th Fri.
Down at the bridge today. Met some swell American people.

George Berben Kotter – Gertrude Berken Kotter
100 Inverness Sta Ana, Manila

Fred Bock – 105 Inverness Sta Ana
Wu Lek – 105 Inverness Sta Ana

Mrs. Ann Wallace Ince – No Address
Wife of Capt. Ince – 31st Inf. Ft. Mills, Corrigidor.
Has two sons with her age 5 and 6. All of these people are in desperate need of food. Are eating dog and horse meat. Makes you sick to see the sad plight of these people in Manila.

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June 13, 2011 at 8:28 pm

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Feb 11-15, 1945

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11th Sun.
Back in camp today. Still feel pretty shaky. Met the Carlos Vander Tolosa, movie producer in the Philippines. Knows the Padillo family really well. He is the first white man I have met here.

12th and 13th
On an emergency ferry job again. Our bridge was blown out by Jap artillery and another company put up a new bridge. We made our rafts and stood by in case this one would be blown out too.

14th Wed.
Back in camp again. Feel so damn tired. Wrote a letter home. Japs still filtering through and units all around us are having trouble with them. They are being killed off as fast as they show up.

15th Thurs.
Went down to the Padillos tonite. Pollack, Rangar, Lt. Birk and myself. Sure had a nice feed [? illegible]. Fried eggplant, tomatoes, fish, comoties [wild sweet potatoes?] and bananas. The women feed the men. Some deal. Received 12 letters today.

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June 9, 2011 at 9:25 pm

Feb 5-6, 1945

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5th Monday
On the go at 7:30 this morning. Hot as Hell. Moved toward Manila another 30 miles. Still no sleep. Called out at nine thirty to build a bridge.

6th Tuesday
Worked all night. Went to sleep this noon and slept until 4:00. Met a very interesting Filipino, Jose Padilla and his two sons Carlos Padilla, Jose Padilla and his son’s wife Viring Padilla. Address – Mango Road.

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Jan 17-23, 1945

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17th Wed.
We are at Calasiao. The towns we have come through are San Fabian, San Jacinto, Mangaldan, and Santa Barbara. Went after a Bailey bridge.

18th Thurs.
Sent up the bridge today. Hard work.

19th Fri.
Left at 4:30 AM to build a pontoon bridge right on the front. I thought we were to have it easy. Caught up to the infantry about 4 miles from the place we were to build the bridge. Well, they hadn’t taken it yet. Laid there all day waiting for the town to be taken. Moved back for the night.

20th Sat.
Got up at 1:00 AM and started for the bridge site (Agno River). It was at Villasis where the largest bridge in Luzon was bombed out (about 1/2 mile). The fighting was going on about 150 yards to our left. Pretty hot for awhile. Built 400 ft. of bridge (2 spans). Damn hard days. Got in at 5:30. Sure am tired.

21st Sun.
Rested all day. Wrote home. Lonesome as Hell.

22nd Mon.
Still laying around. Beautiful weather.

23rd Tues.
On the way again and on the road to Manila. We are to build a bridge (RR) where the Japs blew up a span. Hot as Hell today, 105 degrees.

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