My Life in the Service

The diary of Levi Chapiewsky

Dec 1-4, 1945

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1st Sat.
At 9:26, just after we had completed the breakfast, the order came that the Gen. Bundy was in stoves [? illegible] to be packed in 1/2 hr. and all tents down, etc. What a hilarious day. Moved to the beach at 1700. Loaded at 1936, hungry as heck. Were fed coffee, bread, fried spuds and fresh hamburgers and gravy. Bunked down in “sick bay” – nice mattress, showers, and everything.

Tie ropes called up at 0027 and left for sea at 0653. Ate good breakfast but started to get sick at noon.

3rd Mon.
Traveled 362 miles – sick as hell.

4th Tues.
Traveled 863 miles. Feeling better. Got some sea sickness pills and they sure helped. Worked in laundry and did some washing of my own. It is swell down there. Fresh apples to eat and cold.


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