My Life in the Service

The diary of Levi Chapiewsky

Mar 6-11, 1945

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6th tues.
Went to Malolos to the Padillos. Went marketing – Eggs .30 a piece, green onion .10 a stalk, tomatoes 6 for 1.00. Went swimming all P.M. Ate good food, but is hot as Hell.

7th Wed.
Saw the best stage show I have ever seen. Boy the girls were Honeys. Sure made me wish that I was home. Boy could I have given Marine a real going over.

8th Thurs.
Down at the ferry. Dead as Hell here.

9th Fri.
Down at the ferry. Only passtime we have is riding around in the boat.

10th Sat.
Nothing new. Got pictures of the fire.

11th Sun.
Went after vegetables for the company, to Gapan. Traded all over. Had a good time doing it too.


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