My Life in the Service

The diary of Levi Chapiewsky

Nov 1-9, 1944

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1 Wed.
Beautiful hot day. Temp 99 degrees. P-38’s got 15 Jap planes today. They got one of our transports.

2 Thurs.
Traded for 2 chickens. Had a fry and boy was it good.

3 Fri.
Left to the front today. Thru Palo, Jaro, and up to Carigara. Fighting on 3 sides of us.

4 Sat.
Built 2 more bridges. No raids here. Plenty of Japs, but are cleaning up fast.

5 Sun.
Worked on jeep most of the day. Am on guard tonite. found 30 Japs with machine guns and rifles dug in holes covered in grass and bushes. Saw eliminated, 102 degrees.

6 Mon.
One day of leisure. Wrote a long letter home. Damn lonesome.

7 Tues.
Sent the lyric “When the Moon Shines Our New Grave” to Kate Smith. The boys got a kick out of that. Went after 2 Japs tonight, but they got away from us.

8 Wed.
Rain and cold. Wrote a long letter home. No mail.

9 Thurs.
Had a hell of a typhoon last night. Damn near blew everything down. Still no mail. It is getting disgusting. Still raining today. Took a pail bath. Feel good.

[Ed. Note – For a broader view of what’s happening, see the Battle of Leyte.]


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