My Life in the Service

The diary of Levi Chapiewsky

Oct 27-31, 1944

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27 Fri.
Conditions same. Bridge still up. Japs gone from Palo.

28 Sat.
Hurray – P-38‘s are here. Everybody on island cheered like mad at the sight of the king of fighters. First day’s bag – 8 Jap bombers, 2 Zeros. Loses – none. Drove into Tacloban. Must have been a beautiful place.

29 Sun.
Bombing quieting down. Living’s Hell. Poor food.

30 Wed.
Typhoon last night. Tent blew down. Water all over. Everything soaked in mud and water. Can’t describe our damnable misery. What high price for victory.

31 Tues.
Another month gone by. God when will this end? Damned lonesome for home, Marine, and the boys. Drying and cleaning clothes, knee deep in mud. Drove to Alang Alang. It was captured yesterday. No mail. Three raids last night. By the way this is Hal-o-ween. Temp 90 degrees, but it seems a lot hotter. Shaved for the 1st time and took a bath in a pail. Feel some better. Got the kitchen going and the food sure tastes good.


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