My Life in the Service

The diary of Levi Chapiewsky

Oct 24, 1944

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24 – Tues.
Unloading into landing barges. Beautiful day. Phillipines abused same as New Guinea. Father’s bed their own daughters to prevent Jap babies. Those in hills are practically naked.

Tonight I can thank god for being alive. So many aren’t. A few of us were still on the boat in charge of unloading when the raid started. Hell broke loose as 9 Jap bombers came in. 7 of them knocked down in the bay. 2 navy fighters downed. Ships blazing – men all over in the water. Then a downed Jap bomber suicided into our ships. I was about 20 ft. from where he hit. Was thrown 8 ft. across the deck. Hit in center of ship. Any other place and it would have blown up. Gas, oil, and fire everywhere. Started to jump overboard, but saw 2 navy boys trying to crawl out of the fire, so went to help them. Got hands and arms burned. One of the boys had the skin blowed[sic] off both arms and badly burned. Other burned and wounded in the head. Forty one men were killed and I don’t know how many injured. No use writing more, I’ll never forget it.

Moved into beach tonight. Living in fox hole. They are strafing us continuously.


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