My Life in the Service

The diary of Levi Chapiewsky

Sep 24-Oct 1, 1944

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24th Sun.
Rain all day. Hauled ration washed clothes.

25th Mon.
Rain again. Got Marines bx [?] with the jewelery. As she said, I should get some Pom Pom [?] for that.

26th Tues.
Rain. Temp 92-78. On guard. We are going to move soon. Hauled rations until 12:00 PM.

27th Wed.
Everyone has different ideas of where we are going. My bet is a staging area for the invasion of the Phillipines or to Burma or somewhere on China. Yet it is hard to believe this.

28th Thurs.
Turned in 1 blanket, leggings, sun tans, fatigue suit and 2 pairs of socks. They are to be impregnated with a gas repellant. We have been issued trench knife and a machete, new clothes, packs and shoes. It sure looks like we are going to see some action.

29th Fri.
Had a letter returned today by the censor. Still hauling rations.

30th Sat.
Got paid today. Deposited another $15.00.

Oct 1st Sun.
Hot – 98 Degrees. Lost a thrilling ball game 1 to 0. No mail for 3 days now. Got the pictures today and sent them home tonight.

[Ed. Sorry about the bad image quality on this one. Will replace it when I get a chance.]


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