My Life in the Service

The diary of Levi Chapiewsky

July 24-30, 1944

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24th Mon.
Still raining. Put out my request to transfer to the Air Service Area Command. If things go as they have been for me, I won’t get anything out of this either. Got Marine’s package, woolen slippers and swimming trunks. Also sent in my ballot for the primary.

25th Tues.
Sun out today, but rain again tonight. No news. Getting ready to go to the front. Wonder where we will land.

26th Wed.
Hot as hell today. My day off. Made a plane for James [? illegible] and worked on my wings.

27th Thurs.
Sat for 2 hrs. tonight and had my portrait (pencil drawing) drwan by Gray. He did a perfect job to. Everyone said it was a perfect likeness. I paid him 1 pound.

28th Fri.
Hot as Hell. Sure was a long day to me.

29th Sat.
Same routine, poor chow, low spirits.

30th Sun.
Talked to Lt. Col. Paul of the 4th ASAC and got his word for a request of transfer. I had to write him a letter of reasons and qual’s [? illegible]. I gave it to him today. So at last I had succeed in the first step.


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