My Life in the Service

The diary of Levi Chapiewsky

July 6, 1944

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6th Thursday
Really lit a rugged trail today. Went to Catelberg and Sisi junction. This and Kumawa was the scene of much fighting. The various engagements were explained to us along the way. This territory was finally taken from the Japs on Nov. 3, 43 by Americans and Australians. We then went on to Wi Ricka. [see handwritten note here] Signed by No. 1 boss of this village. He signed for a pack of cigarettes. The amusing thing I saw was a little naked pickamy [pygmy?] about a yr. old squatting down and taking a crap on the porch of a hut. When he was done he wiped his ass with his finger and then wiped his finger off on the porch post.

It was a wet, cold miserable night. Our worst of the trip.


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