My Life in the Service

The diary of Levi Chapiewsky

June 1-4, 1944

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June 1st
More rain to-day and to-night, this area won’t be quite as muddy as the other as the previous camp here had put in quite a little coral. Played pinochle and won three games. We really have a good time playing cards. We don’t play for money. Got a letter from Dick and Butch. Also one from Hilbert Sregley.

2nd Friday
Nice day to work. I am making myself an easy chair similar [? illegible] to a lawn chair. It is about half done.

3rd Saturday
Sent the lyric “Dear One, I Pray” to Tommy Van Wagnes, in Sydney, Australia. It was by suggestion of Yanks Down Under. Got nine letters to-day. Banner day I call it.

4th Sunday
Eight letters again today. Sure feels good. Besides that my O and S [? illegible] came through from Texas. Don’t know how long I’ll have to wait now. At least there is a little hope again. I pray that is is soon.


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