My Life in the Service

The diary of Levi Chapiewsky

May 30, 1944

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30th Tues.
Dickies birthday and my only gift is a prayer just for him. There is no finer gift. I know it is a present I have never given him before on his birthday.

I have never seen it rain as it did last night and today. Rivers are over run and everything is flooded. Went after coconuts tonight and got lost. Had a hell of a time getting back. Fauerbach and I couldn’t find the place that we had crossed the river and everything in the jungle looks the same. Being high it was waist deep when we crossed. We couldn’t take a chance anywhere else. Found our way back to the road and then were lucky enough to get a ride.

I forgot to mention in Mon. report, that the natives men, women, and children moved into their new village right above our camp. The women were taken way back into the hills for protection from the Japs. So now they are back along the high ground close to shore. They are great traders and like to have you bargain with them. On native who had killed five Japs, had some of their invasion money. He had a shilling note that he wanted a pound for. You couldn’t change his mind either. I got a New Guinea shilling from him that he had gotten from a Jap, for one Florin.  He said, “America boy, good boy, Jap he bad” and made the motion like cutting his throat. We said, “Oh Jap, good boy.” He immediately replied, “No, no, Jap he bad. He make New Guinea boy work hard, no pay. He pon-pon Mary all the time.” An older man spoke up, “He pon-pon Mary twice, he pon-pon me all the time.” We all laughed. We told them, “New Guinea boy go home now, come back tomorrow.” They are not allowed in camp after dark.

The girls and women have well developed breasts and wear nothing but a dress that is gay colored and looks like a ladies slip. The boys and men wear a wrap around cloth fastened at the waist. Small children are naked. They have a skin disease that looks like eczema. Quite a few have it. They say since the Japs were here, most of the women have venereal diseases. A couple of the younger girls didn’t look bad, as natives go. They had nice firm breasts that stood straight out. Was almost inviting if you just looked at the breasts. No, I’ll just wait for mine until I get home.


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