My Life in the Service

The diary of Levi Chapiewsky

May 11, 1943

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Hdq’s moved to our permanent area and a sea of mud and rain. Took us 10 hrs to cover 30 of the worst miles I ever saw. Landed in a cleared area at the end of a side road. Food, clothes, and equipment just dumped in the mud. It was dark as hell and mud almost to your knees. It was a pitiful sight. We set up one tent for every 12 men, brought in bunks and piled up our duffle bags. We looked at the time and it was midnight. We lay down in our wet and muddy clothes and tried to sleep. The mosquitoes were bad and no one had nets.

At the first streak of dawn we were up and so started another miserable day. We set up Hdqs. tents and tried the best we could to make our selves comfortable. All we had to eat was bread and jam and coffee. Supplies couldn’t get thru. At 5:00pm the six of us got a truck and hauled a load of coral for the tent. Finally at 8:00 we were done at it didn’t look so bad. We bathed in our helmets put on clean clothes and started to cook us some coffee. All the misery of the day seemed to fade away. I thanked God for this peace of mind and asked Him for strength to keep going. I went to sleep dead tired.


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