My Life in the Service

The diary of Levi Chapiewsky

Apr 29-30, 1944

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29 – Sat.
Pulled out of Ora Bay at 3:42 today. Are going in Convoy! Sub chasers circle all around us. Course is altered every 3 min. Ships moved 3 abreast then change and cross [see diagram]. Troop ships are mixed with this hauling frt. [freight?]. In this way if a sub spots a ship that is loaded with men they take its location in the convoy and in dusk or dawn they try and strike that ship.

30 – Sunday
Services this morning. Pulled into Finchschafen at 1:15 this PM. Order on ship has gone to hell. No one listens to anybody else. Food, if any at all, is terrible. Elmer got me a sandwich or I wouldn’t have had supper. Have to stay on ship tonight. Hot and now rain.

[Ed. Note: accidently cut off last sentence, sorry!]


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