My Life in the Service

The diary of Levi Chapiewsky

Apr 15-16, 1944

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April 15 – Saturday
Same old story. If the cheek bones of my rear break through I am going to ask for the purple heart. Hot again.

April 16 – Sunday
Got a hair cut right after service. This afternoon we sailed into a beautiful port. The prettiest I’ve every[sic] seen. Everywhere you look it is rugged as if the ocean melted around the mt. tops of some ancient day. All the buildings are on the hillsides. Roads run over the tops and sides. Clouds float lazily around the tops. The near hills are green and as they rise in the distance they turn to lavender. Ocean liners, tankers, and transports greet your eyes. Planes come and go. Everything speaks activity. We were not scheduled for this stop but something happened to one of the boilers and we ran out of water. We are now at anchor at Port Nue Mea[ed. Noumea], New Caledonia. It’s a former French Possession taken from the Free French in the early part of the war. It has been untouched by the Japanese. Our trip from here, no doubt, will be dangerous.


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