My Life in the Service

The diary of Levi Chapiewsky

Apr 6-8, 1944

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April 6 – Thursday
Hot as Hell – no rest or shade on a hunk of steel. Read a whole book to-day. A Western – guess I’ll have to go in for more cultural stuff. Studied Pidgin English the language of the islands. “Me want fella Mary[ed. fella Mary = woman].” We are to cross the equator to-night. Rain again to-night.

April 9 – Good Friday
Crossed the equator this evening at 4:34. Was eating chow. Was on detail all morning. Oiled my carbine and washed clothes. Had services on the deck to-nite. Witnessed the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen. Am getting acquainted and don’t feel quite so lonesome.  thought of how nice it would be at home someday telling my family of these things. The nice things and the bad – like the hole we are in on this ship. Its name is Sea Scamp. (720 men)

April 8 – Saturday
Getting sick of heat and smell of sweaty men. Read the book “The Great Impersonation” by Oppenheim. Very good. Been travelling alone so far. They say we are in dangerous water now. Sure hope for the best. Am hungry for a letter from home. Have read the one I got over and over. Stew again for supper.


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