My Life in the Service

The diary of Levi Chapiewsky

Apr 1, 1944

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April 1st, 1944
I am writing this at 7:30 “oceantime”. We have set our watches back 1 1/2 hrs. since leaving S.F. We are going to New Guinea as far as rumor goes. Troop[? illegible] thoughts are low. It has been quite chilly but the sea[? illegible] has been relatively smooth. Most every one was sick last night and to-day. Was pretty sick this morning but didn’t throw up. I did eat supper tonight but am weak. Am lonesome and homesick. I truly pray that I may come home again and my family to know and feel theis[sic] love and caresses[? illegible]. This is probably my most depressed moment in the army so far.

I want to start back on the 29th. I went to work at the range office as usual. Went with Sgt. Primrose to the docks and then to Brown Island to fix targets at the Bazooka Range. He told me to do something about my O.C.S. [officer canidate school?] so in the P.M. I went to Major Blue. He was evasive but did send me to Warrant Officer Engiks at personnel. I told him my story and he felt I was entitled to my commission and made my appointment for me at 10:30 next day. I was happy. When I got to the barracks I was on shipping orders at once. The Sgt and Capt. Sparks tried to help me, but of no avail. I never got to my appointment.

I was processed in the morning, got 2 shots and was in the 1-b 506th Engineers – Light Pontoon Co. Everything went so fast I was bewildered. At 2:10 P.M: on the 30th of March I left U.S. soil. Went on the troopship to S.F. and there loaded on the troop transport Sea Scamp. Her second trip and holds around 2500 men. At 6:08 P.M: on the 31st, we pulled out. When we passed under the golden gate and entered the ocean I prayed for safety and to see my wife and boys again. How I realized that they are my whole life. I must live for them. Have met Elmer Blashoski and Amborn Anderson from Burns. Also Harold Bell from Melrose. At least I know someone in this outfit that is right from home. I didn’t know what possible job I could do with them except drive truck. Maybe I can transfer.


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  1. These are great…it must have been really tough for him. …and a lot of those poor men..


    January 22, 2011 at 10:48 am

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